Closed for Christmas


We are now closed for the Christmas and summer holidays. We re-open on the 23rd January. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Operating at Level 2 again


Since the move to Level 2 a couple of weeks ago we have had to make some changes to the way we are running the toy library. We are still open our normal hours however we are asking only one member of each family to come in to return and hire toys. This will have to mean no children at present :( 

Only 2 people in the library at one time (as well as the librarian and helper) as we follow the 2 metre apart guideline. We have a QR code at the door and on the desk that you can use. Your toys should be cleaned before returning and there will also be a cleaning station on our concrete porch area that you can use to clean larger or easy to wipe down toys. All returned toys need to be counted and then placed on our quarantine shelf where they will sit for 3 days before being cleaned and disinfected and then can be rehired after 7 days total.

Please email or send us a text or Facebook message if you are unwell and cannot come in to the library. We can renew your toys for you or you can do with on our member website.

Back to normal


Hi all,

We are now back to normal opening operating hours. Children are allowed back into the library and toys do not need to be put into quarantine. We do encourage you all to clean your toys before they are returned to the library.



Hello lovely members!
Sorry for the long post but it is important we give you as much information as we can to make opening up as safe as possible. Please read through the information carefully.

We are so excited to be able to open our wonderful toy library back up for use. We face some interesting challenges to keep everyone safe but our committee has worked hard to work through those challenges and I hope you will join me in thanking them for their commitment to our Toy Library.

We will be opening on Saturday 23rd May for an extended session from 9am – 12pm. We will ONLY be open on Saturdays for the foreseeable future.

Please only send 1 member of your family to the library, children will not be able to enter, even on the covered concrete as the gate will be held open and we cannot ensure their safety, plus we want to minimise the number of people in the library.

Please give your toys a good clean before you come.

You will enter through the normal door, count the toys, put them on the designated quarantine shelf, exit through the same door, move to the roller door and talk with Catherine who will collect toys from the library for you and put them through the computer.

 Only 1 person in the normal door and 1 person at the roller door at any time please.

Wait in your cars.

If you or anyone in your home is feeling unwell, please stay at home and send us a message to extend your hire.

Please ensure you are socially distancing yourself, be considerate of others and be prepared to wait your turn.

Until further notice, new loans will be for 4 weeks, not 2 weeks as we recognise it may be harder to make it back to us in this time frame.

To keep you safe we will distance ourselves, disinfect surfaces between each member, not touch returned toys (which won’t be able to be rehired for 2 weeks), wear gloves and use hand sanitizer, we may wear masks, regularly wash our hands and the toilet will only be available to those working in the library.

All memberships have been extended to account for the time we were closed. 

 NO CASH or EFTPOS. Bank transfers only.

Please consider topping up your account (even a small amount) before you come, as it will slow the process down if you need to do it at the library.

Bank Account: 03 – 0791 – 0502583 – 00 Name and Hires as references please.

Please understand our process of returning and hiring toys may change as we adapt to this challenge.



We are now closed due to the outbreak of coronavirus until further notice. We will review this at the end of April. For those of you who have toys out on loan please enjoy them and take good care of them until we are able to accept returns again. Stay safe and take care of yourself and your family xxx