Frequently Asked Questions

Come in and see us at 142 London St Whanganui during our opening hours Thursday 9:30am-11:30am and Saturday 10am-12pm

We have four membership options to choose from: $80 annual fee with no duties

                                                                                            $45 annual fee with 3 duties                       

                                                                                            $30 three month membership unlimited toys

                                                                                            $30 annual fee with 6 visits (very handy for grandparents with grandchildren who come to stay)

Toy library duties are times where you are rostered on to help the librarian during a session on a Thursday or a Saturday. It involves learning to use a very simple computer system to help members return items that they have borrowed. You will help to count items being returned and noting down any missing pieces. You will help with putting the larger toys outside when we open and putting them back inside when we close. We have a friendly, relaxed and casual environment ☺️ Bring something to eat if you wish and you are welcome to bring your kids too! Unless you would rather have some kid free time!

If you cannot make it to you rostered duty you will need to find someone who can. It is ok for your partner, mother, father or someone you know to do the duty for you. If you cannot find someone you know to do your duty then have a look on the duty roster you would have been sent. This lists everyone that is rostered on for that month. Other member's cellphone numbers are listed on the roster. Message someone who is on a duty close to your duty day and see if they are happy to swap. Send us a message or give us a call to tell us of any changes. If you still are having no luck finding anyone then give us a message or phone call and we will sort something out. Occasionally a committee member may be able to help out as a last resort.

You can borrow up to 3 toys per child

Yes. Toys cost .50c each to hire for two weeks

We also have a $10 Party Pack that allows you to hire 4 large items such as slides, rollercoaster, bikes, water tables etc for birthday parties.

Yes you can renew your items another 1-2 times in a row.

Memberships and toy hires can be paid in cash at the library or through bank transfer. We do not have Eftpos available.

Our account number is:

Whanganui Toy Library


For Membership payments use your name and the word ''Membership'' as reference 

For hire payments use your name and the word ''hires'' as reference. Many of our members put $5 or $10 onto their toy accounts at a time so they do not have to worry about having cash with them when they visit.


We are open every Thursday 9:30-11:30am and Saturdays 10am-12pm. We do close for 6 weeks over the summer holiday period and re-open in late January.